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We are a leading marine engineering and commercial group serving the Greek and International maritime community.

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Since our launch, we are led by love for the sea and the passion for perfection and quality in every project we undertake

Who We Are

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What We Do

We provide professional, integrated technical services and solutions from marketing and sales, to after sales support.

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Our services

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Equipment representatives & suppliers

The OCEANKING team has always sought to form long-term partnerships with the industry’s leaders, by offering our clientele state-of-the-art marine equipment.

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Integrated after-sales support services

We value our customers’ needs and we understand the utter importance of offering continuous support for the equipment and systems we have supplied. To that direction, we provide tailor-made support solutions at competitive prices, which minimize the total life-cycle costs.

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Decarbonization Technologies

In view of the IMO and EU decarbonization regulations we have formed partnerships to share knowledge, know-how and skills, in order to assist our customers in this transition.

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Digitalization solutions

In 2019, we kicked off our Digitalization initiative, with the vision to help our customers enter the digital era, with improved, up-to-date operation schemes. Towards that direction, we have formed strategic alliances with top global partners, that cover the whole spectrum of customer needs.

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In addition to equipment replacement and in compliance to present and future IMO, EU, USCG and other international regulators, we propose and undertake retrofitting solutions for specific equipment and systems with our principals.

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Contractors for the Hellenic Navy and Public Sector

OCEANKING unprecedented experience is utilized in unique synergies with the Greek Navy, Defence- Related and Public Sector’s requirements.

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Industrial systems

We support onshore industrial applications, such as Power Generation Plants, Oil/Natural Gas, LNG liquefaction and regasification terminals.

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Simulation & Training Technologies

We consider customer training as an important element of after-sales support, leading to an optimal, cost-efficient operation of the equipment we have supplied. 

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Our Partners

We represent leading well known suppliers of marine equipment with the highest standards in products and services

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  • Cargo Handling & Hull Machinery
  • Decarbonization Technologies
  • Propulsion & Engine Room Machinery
  • Electronic, Electrical & Cargo Systems
  • Cryogenic Technologies & Gas Applications
  • Digitalization Solutions
  • Materials & Systems for Accommodation Areas
  • Clutches & Brakes

Our people

We work as a team, for the best result, following our values

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Total support mindset

We are an engineering and technical services company, dedicated to the lifetime support of marine equipment and systems

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  • Annual Surveys
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance
  • Training


Our process depends on the success of our customers and principals

  • Our mission

  • What we stand for

  • What we envision


Our mission

We are determined to maintain our leadership status, as the top provider of technical solutions, marine equipment and services to the maritime community, by always striving to exceed our customers’ expectations.

What we stand for

For over 30 years now, OCEANKING’s values have been at the core of the guiding principles that shape every aspect of our business. They are the beliefs we stand for, fuelling our actions, behaviours and decision-making processes.

What we envision

OCEANKING aims to provide the maritime community with technical and commercial services of high added value, quality and reliability.