Digitalization solutions

In 2019, we kicked off our Digitalization initiative, with the vision to help our customers enter the digital era, with improved, up-to-date operation schemes. Towards that direction, we have formed strategic alliances with top global partners, that cover the whole spectrum of customer needs.

Today, we are capable of offering an inclusive experience to our customers, covering a broad range of services, ranging from core sensors and data collection systems, all the way to maritime data and analytics software.

Our role as a digitalization enabler is materialized in complete and efficient vessel performance monitoring and voyage optimization, condition monitoring for diagnosis and troubleshooting of on-board machinery.

The complete set of digitalized areas we cover includes:

  • Core sensors & data collection systems for ship performance
  • AI-based vessel performance and Voyage/Route/Emissions optimization
  • Engine performance (M/E & generators)
  • Powertrain assessment for maximum safety and reliability
  • Condition monitoring/Vibration analysis of rotating machinery
  • Intelligent Navigation Assistance & Berthing Assistance Systems