HI AIR KOREA, a unique Onboard Carbon Capture System (OCCS)

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HI AIR KOREA is a leading HVAC system supplier of marine, offshore and industrial applications, from South Korea.

During the recent years and in view of the forthcoming environmental regulations concerning the emissions, HI AIR KOREA took a strategic decision and developed their Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (SOx Scrubber) about 4 years ago by utilizing the company’s special technology for air and flow dynamics.

The OCCS system

From then on, the company continued their dynamic expansion in this field, by developing a unique Onboard Carbon Capturing System (OCCS) using CO2 mineralization technology, a system which is being co-developed with DSME Shipyard.

The system’s operating principles are based on post-combustion treatment by chemical absorption using Alkali Water. Through this process, the CO2 is captured in a solid form of CaCO3, distinguishing it from most of the competition.

OCCS features

Amongst others, the OCCS of Hi Air has the significant advantages of low electrical load, small footprint, and low CAPEX (Capital Expenditure).

Tests & installation

As of today, HI AIR KOREA has already successfully completed the laboratory tests of the system, as well as a small-scale system test on board an LNG carrier.
The next steps are to get Approval In Principle from a major classification society and proceed with their first full-scale installation.

All these were presented in the OCEANKING decarbonization technologies workshop, where advantages and concerns were further discussed.

If you wish to learn more about Hi-Air you may contact OCEANKING, Miltos Messinezis.