Simulation & Training Technologies

We consider customer training as an important element of after-sales support, leading to an optimal, cost-efficient operation of the equipment we have supplied. 

OCEANKING together with our principals have a longstanding culture and extensive experience on training, offering:

  • “Hands-on” training courses for the operation and maintenance of specific equipment such SAUER air compressors.
  • Specialized training (virtual or in factory) for marine equipment and systems we supply.
  • Simulation for maritime training: In cooperation with our specialized Indian partner ARI Simulation, a global leader in VR training solutions, we provide simulators to the Greek shipping community, the Hellenic Navy and the Private and Public maritime training Academies. ARI designs and develops highly specified, fully certified, scalable marine simulators from desktop to full mission, for bridge, engine room and machinery, cargo handling, navigation and communications. Cloudbased solutions are also available for crew training and assessment. OCEANKING has already installed a large number of simulators in Greece, in public and private training centers and academies, as well as in the Hellenic Navy and various shipping companies.