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eSAIL®: Pioneering Green Maritime with Wind-Assisted Propulsion

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The journey of air-assisted propulsion has spanned many decades, and today’s eSAIL® has a rich history, tracing its roots back to the 1930s when the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), which later became the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), ventured into this innovative concept. The very concept of a quality exploration vessel sparked […]

Annual Accounts 2022

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ΙΣΟΛΟΓΙΣΜΟΣ 2022 για την εταιρεία Oceanking Τεχνική & Εμπορική Α.Ε. Open the PDF

Enhancing Drydocking Efficiency with EYDE’s Expertise

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Oceanking recognizes the needs associated with drydocking requirements, particularly concerning deck machinery equipment. These requirements are addressed through our collaboration with EYDE, specialists in Mooring Equipment manufacturing, which brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the table, especially in meeting the needs related to deck machinery equipment. Practical advantages EYDE brings extensive practical expertise in […]

Streamlining Drydocking Procedures with Comprehensive Hatch Cover Support

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We are pleased to share that our recent strategic partnership with BRIGHTSEAS has significantly strengthened our commitment to providing comprehensive support for hatch covers on a wide range of Bulk Carriers and Container Vessels, irrespective of their design. Added Benefits This collaboration equips us to offer several benefits, including: worldwide support capabilities top-tier quality assurance […]