Enhancing Drydocking Efficiency with EYDE’s Expertise

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Oceanking recognizes the needs associated with drydocking requirements, particularly concerning deck machinery equipment. These requirements are addressed through our collaboration with EYDE, specialists in Mooring Equipment manufacturing, which brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the table, especially in meeting the needs related to deck machinery equipment.

Practical advantages

EYDE brings extensive practical expertise in inspecting and maintaining anchor windlasses and mooring winches, crucial components of deck machinery equipment. This partnership empowers us to offer comprehensive support and practical solutions for your mooring equipment in drydocking. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Practical Checklists: EYDE has developed practical checklists for onboard operators, providing effective guidance for examining individual components of systems before dry-docking. These checklists are invaluable tools for technical ship management.
    Download the checklists here: Checklist 1, Checklist 2, Checklist 3
  • Technical Solutions: EYDE offers technical solutions for repairing all parts based on the inspections and checklists.
  • Brake Test Kits: The significance of “brake test kits” is growing, even though there’s no universal requirement. Many terminals and ports now enforce specific intervals for testing, typically every 2 years. Moreover, most Bulk Carriers’ new building specifications include the necessity of brake test kits. EYDE manufactures customized brake test equipment (kit) to meet various sizes of deck machinery equipment.

Contact Us

For more information or specific inquiries about our comprehensive drydocking solutions in deck machinery equipment, please contact John Yachnis. We are here to provide guidance and recommendations tailored to your vessel’s requirements.