Streamlining Drydocking Procedures with Comprehensive Hatch Cover Support

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We are pleased to share that our recent strategic partnership with BRIGHTSEAS has significantly strengthened our commitment to providing comprehensive support for hatch covers on a wide range of Bulk Carriers and Container Vessels, irrespective of their design.

Added Benefits

This collaboration equips us to offer several benefits, including:
worldwide support capabilities top-tier quality assurance competitive pricing for spare parts, components, and services related to hatch covers.

Download BRIGHTSEAS company profile here.

Comprehensive Hatch Cover Support

Our expanded portfolio covers all key components for various types of hatch cover equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Resting pads (supporting) – available in various materials such as STEEL, PLASTIC, PTFE, and FLEXI-PAD.
  • Rubber sealings – featuring straight rubber, flat rubber, and corner pieces.
  • Cleats or anti-lift devices.
  • Wheel devices.
  • All axles, pins, bolts, and bearings at main hinges, bottom and top hinges, and cylinder hinges.
  • Loose parts including stoppers, securing devices, drain valves, and more.
  • Rack and Pinion systems.
  • Turnbuckles, lashing bar/rods, twist locks, and other relevant components.
  • Different types of hydraulic cylinders.
  • Hoses with coupling fittings.
  • Valves or Control valve blocks.
  • HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) inclusive of pumps, electric motors, and related elements.
  • Hydraulic motors

Contact Us

Should you require further information or have specific inquiries about any of the components and services mentioned above, you may contact George Gkiotsalitis. We can provide guidance and recommendations tailored to your vessel’s requirements.

Thank you for your continuous cooperation and support.

We look forward to serving your needs with our expanded portfolio and global capabilities.