Vessel Performance monitoring by Hoppe Marine

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In the context of compliance with the recent carbon emissions regulations (EEXI and CII), ship operators are embracing the notion of a closer monitoring of their vessels aiming at the same time at operational improvements on their fuel consumption. At the Oceanking Decarbonization workshop, we discussed some of the technologies developed for these purposes by Hoppe Marine.

Sensor Solutions

The massive adoption of the shaft power limitation (ShaPoLi) option as a means to conform with the EEXI regulation, brought a consequent wave of retrofit torque meter deployments. Torque meters, together with flowmeter sensors for the monitoring of fuel consumption, are the two essential sensors supporting the high-frequency data path, for further analysis and optimization of vessel operation.

Hoppe Marine offers high quality sensors and data, serving this exact need through market leading technology, products and services, acting as the enabler for all subsequent solutions to optimize efficient vessel operation. Its data acquisition platform comprising the core hardware and software, interfacing with more than 100 different makers of on-board systems and equipment, has already been retrofitted to several hundreds of vessels.

On-board Data Access

In addition to the actual measurements and data collection infrastructure, the Crew Connect application enables the crew to view all relevant data from the connected systems on board, anytime, anywhere (over a web browser). This not only provides the best possible information, but also enables the right measures to take place at an early stage keeping ship’s systems in optimal condition.

Data Transmission and Integration

The ship-to-shore module takes care of the data transmission at the highest efficiency, accuracy and safety (with unparalleled cyber security checks), with additional data services, namely Data Butler and Data Inspector, operating through the Hoppe cloud. These two services enable the transfer and integration of the data collected with any other downstream system (in-house or third party) at the highest possible integrity and correctness.

Integration and Analysis Capabilities

The Hoppe data collection infrastructure has already been integrated (via open protocols and API’s) with numerous on-board sensors, AMS and Navigation/Bridge systems, as well as specific systems and machinery on-board. The resulting data set is easily transferable to analysis platforms and sw tools for deeper investigation and optimization needs.

For more information you may contact George Giotsalitis and/or Panos Theodossopoulos.