Tech ambassadors in Shipping

Technology ambassadors in a challenging shipping environment

OCEANKING strategy has always been the selection and representation of market leading companies, both globally and locally. Our selection criteria for these companies are indeed their unique competitive advantages, which can be summarized as follows: to be market leaders with high market share globally and technologically advanced products and novel ideas. It is also very important to cooperate with companies that understand the particular characteristics of our market and are willing to adapt accordingly in order to grow in Greece. The companies we represent, with our assistance; reach a very good knowledge of the Greek shipowners’ mentality and needs. Being market leaders, they invest on R&D and are developing continuously new products, fully complying to the present and future regulations and needs of the shipowners. [READ MORE BELOW]

Genuine parts…an inevitable marriage

One of the important issues during ship’s life is always the maintenance cost of a ship. Ship operators are always trying to reduce the expenses by adopting preventive maintenance schemes, and by purchasing of low cost spares. During the last 6 years, a very big number of new built ships entered the Greek fleet contributing to the reduction of the average age of the fleet. In addition to this, latest technology equipment were installed on board making the ships’ operation safer. Most of the Greek owners, negotiated with the yards and selected advanced systems which, in most cases were expensive and reliable. As it is mentioned above, through a preventive maintenance policy, ship operators try to ensure reliability and safety of ships’ systems and crews. However, there is a substantial number of ship operators which focus mainly on low cost spares, avoiding the use of genuine spares from the manufacturer of the systems. [READ MORE BELOW]

Best practicies in digitalisation

During the last years Shipping companies have focused on the benefits of New Technologies concerning information and satellite communication systems. Shipping community has realized that this kind of technology is necessary for an effective fleet management and optimization of cargo transportation, either on board or from shore. This makes possible, not only the collection, the analysis and the economic storage of big data, but also information access from different decision making levels. Nowadays ships’ specifi cation has become more demanding, especially concerning, control and monitoring system for propulsion, navigation automation etc. as well as communication systems. This kind of technology “produces” a big data collection and analysis which is performed through state of the art technology systems. [READ MORE BELOW]