Hands on Training for P/V Valves

Evaluating the  heavy demand and the importance of training OCEANKING in cooperation with PRES-VAC organized a very successful Hands on Training on PV/ valves.

Pres-Vac being the world leader of P/V valves design and manufacturing always  provides the best support to our customers

Our main purpose was for the users to get familiarized with the design and the operational characteristics of P/V Valves which is an important item, related with the ships’ safety. More specifically, attendees got ‘hands-on’ experience on Pres-Vac valves, where Mr. Jens Bøgely, the technical project manager of Pres-Vac,  focused on issues related to valves leaking limits, testing of valves on board, overhauling of valves/maintaining valves in good condition and other important issues related to P/V valves efficient operation.

Due to the increased interest of our customers for this training OCEANKING has already agreed with PRES-VAC to repeat the training next year.

We would like to thank PRES-VAC for providing such a valuable training enabling crews on board to maintain the valves in good condition. We also are thanking our customers who are always support this kind of effort.