OCEANKING New Ship Sales Inc. (OCK NSS) is a member of OCEANKING Group acting as specialized Newbuilding Contracting and Resales Shipbroker.

OCK NSS is managed by a team of highly educated senior engineers with several decades of experience each, among others, on ship design, shipbuilding, ship repairs & conversions, newbuilding management, marketing, newbuilding contracting, major project development and management

OCK NSS is a client’s oriented company focused on selective newbuilding contracting boutique brokerage services.



Direct and close personal relations with key persons (top management, commercial & technical) of Shipbuilders organization, Design institutions and Research centers obtained and developed in the course of last 25 years during visits at their premises and the opportunities of projects negotiations and contract signings.

Valuable experience by personal inspection and evaluation of shipyards facilities, production means, quality of constructions etc.

The prevailing market situation forced the Shipbuilding industry in China to radical restructuring and reorganization via merging and acquisition resulting to major state-owned and /or state-controlled conglomerates and few public and/or private interest groups.

Dramatic changes in Shipbuilding industry driven by market turmoil and environmental regulations related to GHG Emissions, alternative fuels adoptions, innovative energy-saving technologies (WASP, air lubrication, hybrid solutions, CO2 capture, fuel cells, ammonia, synthetic and bio fuels etc..) challenge the decision makers for the next movement with the correct selection of invested CAPEX ...

Our working style is not the “traditional” newbuilding shipbroking approach but is based on the close cooperation with Owner and shipyard(s) in order to explore not only the commercial side of the project but also to investigate in depth the important/key technical parameters and provide consultancy for the selection among various alternative possibilities targeting to the optimum technical and commercial solution.
The same spirit will be adopted after contract signing, by constructive intervention and assistance during Makers selection, plan approval, vessel’s construction till delivery being always present to help to guide and to mediate when and as necessary.
Our unique shipbroking support as above is also complemented by our first class technical experts back up and consultancy.