LNG & LNGCs workshop

OCEANKING always following the technological developments in the shipping industry, organized a thematic roundtable workshop on Thursday October 10th at the Athens Marriott Hotel, focusing on the growing interest of Greek shipowners in LNG carriers and LNG-fueled ships.

All participants were invited in a “roundtable discussion” touching technologies of Gas Compressors, Gas fuel tanks, Nitrogen Generators and Cryogenic valve applications. They had the opportunity to be dully informed and further discuss, several topics and concerns which were based on operators’ experience .

Some of the main topics were:

  • Design of new LDCs to handled XDF engine requirements
  • Vibration issues with multiple stage compressors
  • What is the optimum solution (screw/centrifugal) in relation to BOR
  • Fuel gas supply tanks,
  • Application of nitrogen generators in relation to fuel gas tanks
  • Design characteristics / advantages of cryogenic valves
  • How to specify correctly
  • Lifetime support
  • Cost
  • Challenges
  • Design characteristics/advantages
  • Cost of maintenance over a 5 years period
  • Spare parts delivery time
  • Competitive advantage

The roundtables were moderated by the following manufacturers:

Gas Compressors, moderated by Atlas Copco
Gas fuel tanks, moderated by Dongsung Finetec
Nitrogen Generators, moderated by Air-Products
Cryogenic valve applications, moderated by Korval