Joining forces with Discover Marine

Oceanking and Discovery Marine,
Join Forces in the field of marine fire fighting and life-saving appliances services.

OCEANKING, a leading technical and commercial marine company in Piraeus, Greece, joins forces with Discovery Marine, also a leading marine company in Piraeus,Greece, in an effort to save lives and support their ship-owning customers.

Both, having more than 30 years of value added expertise in the shipping industry, extend their services to cover fire-fighting and life-saving appliances services in the Cyprus marine market, as well as in the Eastern Mediterranean territory.

Representing a number of reputable marine equipment makers in Asia and Europe, coupled with our expertise as marine consultants and naval architects, OCEANKING, together with Discovery Marine, supplement our contribution to our customers also with services.

Our ability to concurrently provide “supply and service” in one package, gives us and to our clients a unique one stop shop opportunity, facilitating them to achieve higher efficiency and  lower costs. In addition to our head office in Piraeus, we can support our clients in the Emirates and nearby countries through our satellite station in Fujairah.

Our services, approved by six classification societies, are offered worldwide, besides piers, on roads, during voyage surveys and while in ship-yards for ships in service, but also for new-buildings.

Last but not least, you are invited to experience our unique strength on design , repairs, installations and commissioning of fixed fire extinguishing systems in engine rooms and cargo holds as well as life-saving  appliances, including after sales service .

Contact us and give us the chance to compete.

Kind regards

Oceanking/Discovery Marine