OCEANKING is a leading marine engineering and commercial group serving the Greek and International maritime community as well as the Greek public and industrial sector.

OCEANKING was founded in 1989 and operates in Piraeus – Greece as well as in Cyprus. OCEANKING employs qualified naval architects and marine engineers and is managed by Costas Hassiotis and Panos Yannoulis with a permanent staff presently consisting of 20 persons.

Our experience covers the areas of ship design, ship construction and operation, shipbuilding methods and management, marine engineering systems, materials supply and management as well as logistic support.

Our company follows strict quality procedures and is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 by Lloyds.



Since its launch, OCEANKING is led by a love for the sea and the passion for perfection and quality in every project we undertake.

Our philosophy is to provide added value to our customers through a range of products and services which cover the whole technical spectrum in a marine project, from the birth of an idea to its realisation, right through to after sales support.

This is achieved by a unique pool of graduate marine engineers and naval architects, supported by the expertise and resources of world leading marine equipment suppliers which are exclusively represented by OCEANKING.

Our aim is to provide cost efficient, reliable and functional solutions with quality and safety in mind, in order to satisfy the increasingly demanding needs of our customers.



Our vision is to maintain our leadership role as the first choice provider of technical solutions, marine equipment and services to the Greek Maritime Community, striving to exceed our customer’s needs.

To provide the Greek Maritime Community with technical and commercial services of high added value, quality and reliability, in co-operation with our Principals, who are market leaders in their field, thus creating satisfied customers, who will consider OCEANKING and its Principals as long term partners and their preferred suppliers.

For over twenty years OCEANKING has been guided by its core values, led by our love for the sea and our passion for perfection and quality in every project we undertake. Our values represent who we are and how we work, reflecting our history and vast experience. We want to ensure our customers choose us for what we stand for and what we deliver.

The following fundamental values are not just words, but true reflection of our aspiration for excellence, guiding our daily behavior.

  • Put customer first.
  • Commitment to high added value, quality services.
  • Loyalty, trust and ethical behavior towards customers and partners.
  • Effectiveness, professionalism and teamwork.
  • Continuous improvement and sustainable growth of our company
  • Respect to the environment.

All of us in OCEANKING share these values which constitute the foundation of our culture.



Our proven track record and our unique technical expertise and achievements, have led us to be considered as our customers’ long term “reliable partner” for all their needs.We have managed to successfully fulfill every project we have undertaken, no matter its complexity, leaving our customers satisfied. We always try to add value for them and our achievements are the best proof of our ability and commitment.



OCEANKING Quality Policy

OCEANKING is committed to not just meeting, but exceeding customer requirements in the products we supply through our principals and the services we render. OCEANKING is also committed in maintaining and improving Quality Management System to ensure highest levels of quality and service. OCEANKING employees are encouraged to contribute to the quality effort to achieve:

  • Total Customer Satisfaction with services rendered
  • Continuous process, procedure improvements within the organization and personnel training so as to improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System
  • Concise understanding and importance of customer needs
  • Develop and maintain “Teaming Relationships” with customers
  • Be according to the requirements of every individual customer
  • Satisfy their expectation / needs.

Oceanking Quality Goals

  • To continuously meet or exceed customer expectations
  • To continuously increase market share and remain market leader
  • Operate efficient and effective management systems
  • Highly developed and motivated people
  • To eliminate the causes of non-conformance

The Policy Statement of OCEANIKING is a firm Commitment of Shareholders and applies to all Company’s Departments, Personnel and Activities. The Company’s Management System has as basis the Quality Management principles, structure and content according the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015. (Click the icon to view certificate).